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Marissa + Lizzie | Happy Wedding Day!

Today is the day!  Marissa & Lizzie are two peas in a pod! So perfect for each other!  Today they will get to start

Book now for your Easter Mini Sessions | February 22, 2014

I will be holding Easter Mini’s with live bunnies on Feb 22, 2014 here in Dashwood!  Shoot me an email if you are

Allison + Craig | Winter Engagement Session | 01.25.14

It was 5:30 on Christmas morning 2012. Allison and Craig heard a loud noise in the living room.  Wide awake now, she

Sarah + Jeremy | Engagment | Parkhill, ON

Sarah + Jeremy are such a fun, down to earth, genuine country loving couple!  Mud running, hanging with family and

48 Hour Flash Sale | 2014 Wedding Packages!

Love the Holidays! so to celebrate, I am having a 48 hour flash sale on my wedding packages for 2014!  Check it out!