What to Expect – Family Sessions

A typical family session lasts aprox 1 hr

Please see my post on What to wear for your family session.  It’s important that there is continuity throughout your outfits, and that the compliment each other, but not match.

Take some time to think about what you could bring to the session to help reflect your personalities.  A guitar, ballet shoes, fedora hat, favorite stuffy – use your imagination.


It is important to recognize that family photography sessions are unfamiliar to children.  I want to capture your children with natural expressions, enjoying moments with you.  I don’t expect your children to be perfect, and neither should you.  If you child is struggling, it is important not to stress out, as that stress will transpire through to them.  Keep the mood light hearted, and try to refrain from getting frustrated with them.



Most of all – relax and enjoy.  Think of your family session as a time to enjoy with your family – laughing and smiling.  The more you do, the more magic I can capture.

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