What to Wear – Family Sessions

So you have just booked your family session, now what?  It’s time to figure out what to wear.  The following are some suggestions and guidelines to help you along.

1.  Co-ordinate but don’t match.  Start with one piece of clothing, and build the rest around it, choosing colors that compliment.  Gone are the days of khaki pants and white shirts.  Embrace your individual style and let it shine through the clothing and accessories you chose.

2.  Accessorize.  Hats, scarves, earrings, boots – don’t be afraid to bring extra accessories along that can be used in a few pictures.

3.  Layers and textures.  Dressing in layers provides visual interest, adding depth and detail.  It also allows the photo shoot to adapt to the weather conditions.  Wear a blazer, sweater, scarf – these can be worn or removed throughout the session.

4.  Dress for the weather and location.  If your session is in the winter, bundle up with mittens and scarves.  Don’t try to create a summer outfit for a winter session – this will only lead to children getting cold and losing interest.  Wear appropriate footwear – keep in mind if we are hiking, walking on a beach, or downtown in a city.

5.  Patterns are ok – I know we all learned years ago that we had to wear solids in a photo shoot – but not anymore.  Pick one to two patterns that compliment each other, and pull colours out of them to build the rest of the outfits.  It will add interest and pop to the pictures.

6.  Avoid logos, or any distracting graphics.

7.  Don’t forget the shoes.  They can add or detract from the photographs.

8.  Avoid white outfits.  This is from a photography perspective – it can be difficult to meter the subject, causing the whites to appear blown out.  Not to mention that colour is so much more interesting.

9.  Bring some meaningful props – anything that helps tell the story of your family.  A guitar, flowers, an antique chair.  Also, if your child has a special stuffy, blanket, etc – it is nice to have a few photos of them just as they really are.

10.  Be yourself.  Put thought and detail into your outfit – how it will photograph and how it will look in print.  But above all, let your personalities shine through and reflect exactly who you are.



Notice the pop of color in the mom’s shirt.  Then it’s tied in with different tones of both her son’s and daughters clothing! (the raspberry and pink)



Love that DAD with his PINK was the matching factor here!!!


Beach theme…Aqua’s, Navy Blue…you get the idea!


For ideas on how to put these concepts together, please visit my pinterest board on Fashion for Photo’s 

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